Welcome to my personal website! This site is an outlet for all my creative endeavours that reach a certain point of quality. For now you'll find philosophy, poetry and an abstract board game to be the main things.

I am first and foremost a conceptual analyst. That means that I'll enter whatever field you are working with and analyse the ideas that you are using. I'll then be able to break them apart, reconfigure them, and connect them to the wider world of ideas quickly. So far I've been working in a kindergarten, with education at the high school and university level, with guiding and as a Humanist Association teacher.

My interests include art and illustration, poetry and writing, philosophical branches like ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, ontology and many more, knowledge of the sciences, of technology and politics. I sing in the Cathedral Choir, write, run, am a father, study philosophy, work in a kindergarten, design a board game and somehow find time to paint.

Feel free to send me an e-mail, or contact me for any reason. I'll be happy to be interested in you as well.