This is taken from a nature reserve in Norway, up in the mountains. Unlike the images from Greece, I've taken this one through photoshop a bit. I've played with the light levels, made it a little crisper, and enhanced the focus on the central feature of this image; the trees in the middle.

A couple of compositional notes. The hilly landscape creates a three part rhythm, first the foreground stones on the left, jumping to the middle ground on the right, and then, cutting right across the focal point to the far mountains on the left that recede into the fog. These dive into the marshy landscape, which is entirely flat, except the fir trees in the center of the image. Why do these pop out? First; they have a distinct arrow like shape, with a high contrast against the foggy background. And then there is the fresh green colour, neatly contrasting the red to orange hues around it.

The image is not perfect. The sky is somehow too bright, not visually interesting enough; neither providing a texture, nor a contrast. But, for a simple image taken while trekking, it's not half bad.


Painting & Sculpture

This is my latest image. New images appear on a regular basis.

This water colour panting is from my native Magerøya, looking out over a fishing and bathing hotel laying on the outskirts of town. It is painted from a reference photo I took myself. The sky is painted with a wet-on-wet technique, then the details are added in the snowy landscape. Sadly, the scan is not as good as it ought to be; and the nuances in the white do not come through as well as I'd like.

Because of the wind and the cold, the mountains are without trees. Only the bare rocks penetrate the snowy landscape. The whole scene is actually bluer than this, but to bring it all out perfectly is at present above my ability.