A fallen man, right there, in front of you.

There, right there,
in front of you,
a man has fallen,

He is dying,
you can see it,
but, don't worry,
you can help him.
Just, lift him.
Go on, do it.
he'll be okay.

But maybe you won't do it,
maybe he is too far away.
To far away to help
from death.

I think he is thirty meters away.
Would you do it?
No, maybe, maybe he is about
a kilometer away. But,
you can't walk that far.

In fact, you shouldn't help.
It is too inconvenient for you,
and besides, someone else can,
do it.

Oh, what was that? Aha, they
have other men to help. Well then,
got to be you, doesn't it?

Did I say a kilometer away?
I think he is actually ten miles away.
Now, you definitely shouldn't do it.
Too far, too far.
Just let him die.

I turn on the TV. There they are definitely dying.
A man has fallen, he is right in front of me,
and I can see it, he is dying.
But, he is more than 10 miles away,
I'm not going to bother.
You see, I'd have to send money,
With my computer you see,
I'd push those buttons, and then, I would send
a little money, to that man, or, someone like him,
I think, but, he's just so far away.

I mean, he is more than ten miles away. And, 
I wouldn't even walk that for, for myself.
It's just, no. No.
No, just let him die.
It's alright.