Speaking at Jabb!

The 18th of March I'm going to be speaking about thinking at the forum Jabb here in trondheim! Jabb is a forum for sharing projects and perspectives. I'll be talking about how we can think - which, I think, is a really important theme. (Obviously, I'm talking about it, so I must think it is at least a little important.) Well. The importance of it is that thinking is the most essential skill we have. Everything we learn, every important action, choice and direction we take is made through the medium of thought. Therefore it is really important to know something about what thought is.

Not to spoil the fun I won't go into what  I'll be covering, but I'll provide a few headlines as to what I believe will make it into the talk: (1) Thought isn't handled directly in our educational system. (2) As a skill it is at least as important as reading. (3) The brain has a special memory faculty for the remembering of facts. (4) These facts are mental constructs. (5) We call these concepts, and they are both units and categories. (6) We group these by comparing them to similar instances. I.e. "this animal looks like that animal and is probably the same". (7) We have been misdirected as how to think of thoughts by the metaphor of thoughts as a stream or a river. Think rather of them as a seed, which you can grow, mate, get to the roots of or find the kernel (of truth) in. And the details of that will be for the talk!

The above is the abstract version of the tale. Then there are all the infinitely more fun named methods like, The Socratic method, the method of loci, and further the names of memory like "episodic" and "semantic" - or one might even go straight to the metaphors. One might discuss philosophical ideas like deduction and induction, or mould the whole talk as an exercise in analysing Plato. At least I don't think I'll make thinking seem as boring as "connecting the dots".

I intend, at least, to deliver a show worth considerably more than the admission price of free!