Arrangement of Swedish folk song; "Who can sail without wind?"

The text of this song is as wonderful as it is simple:

Who can sail without wind?
Who can row without oars?
Who can part from their friend,
without felling tears?

I can sail without wind.
I can row without oars.
But I can't part from my friend,
without felling tears.

The first stanza poses the question; Who can do two impossible things and one possible thing? And then a person boasts, I can do what is most difficult, but to leave a friend without sorrow that is the heaviest thing of all, harder than anything impossible.

The text moved me so much I wanted to learn it for the piano, and before long I found I had made my own special twist to it.

Rather than keeping it to myself, I thought that this was a great opportunity for learning to write music in a music program. So this melody is set in musescore 2, and is then exported as a vector graphics file, added as such to a file library in adobe illustrator, then typeset in inDesign.

Feel free to download and distribute this file as you please.