Impossible dream of love

Impossible dream of love
the longing rush
seeing lips, full, pouting and
white teeth within with beautiful words.
Who cares, but womanhood embodied says,
attain me.
And I know, that you are a dream I do
not want.

Conditionless love,
my craving, and there is none.

Children playing at your feet, stars in
your eyes, power, like a
lighthouse shine,
then on the shores, a brittle past.

I, polished stand, lay with longing lips,
seeing futures fade on our common path
she, standing there, whole.

I, of many colors, black recedes;
and ivory politeness shields - though
cracks are there, to show myself,
a longing, hiding self, morose - and,
unlike the me I wish to show,
a desert, dank - pale, bleak - that you
get lost in - to fade yourself.